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Scene Workshop Series

Scene Workshop Series

We have cast for our current series, but will begin a new series sometime in October or November.
Please still sign up and we will reach out when we start the next one.

As directors, we spend much of our time trying to get work, or in prep for a project, rather than actually getting to work with actors which is one of our joys in directing. In order to keep fresh, we’re starting a regular scene workshop to create a space for both actors & ourselves as directors to practice, explore & potentially develop new content, and to be a place to make new connections.

What it will look like:
- one night a week or bi-weekly, ideally for at least 3-4 weeks
- 2-3 hours a meeting
- Jason & Blue and 2-4 actors
- directors will provide material to work on, but would also like to work with the actors on choosing the material
- potential to co-create and co-develop new content to try out together
- a free, mutually beneficial practice space
- minimal production, but we’ll have a camera or two present to record rehearsals for reviewing purposes, and any final “performances” will be recorded and shared with actors to include in their reels
- guests will be welcome at final “performances”

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Hosted at Grey House Productions

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